Meet Rob

For Rob Rule, life has always revolved around one concept – The Golden Rule. It’s only fitting that with a last name like Rule this caring individual would have a passion for officiating basketball. Having refereed for over 15 years, Rob respects that his responsibility to the sport and its players is about maintaining the spirit of the game and doing the right thing for everyone. On the court, Rob believes in good judgment, officiating fairly and effectively managing the game – the way he’d want a referee to perform if the roles were reversed and he was the one playing. But even when he’s off the court, The Golden Rule is prevalent in every one of Rob’s personal and professional endeavors.


 Rules For Life

From basketball to ethics, Rob’s beliefs were inspired by his parents. His father played basketball at Rice University and coached him during his youth. Whether it was showing Rob how to dribble with each hand until he perfected his technique or giving him words of support when it looked like the game was a lost cause, Rob’s father believed in the importance of always doing your best. Rob’s mother was equally influential and instilled him with an understanding of dedication and follow through. To this day, these timeless standards became the “rulebook” that Rob uses in his approach to business.


 Doing The Right Thing

 During his successful tenure as an analyst for a global commercial real estate firm, the same quick thinking and eye for detail that Rob uses as an official played an integral role in enabling him to give his clients the advice that would help them achieve their goals. But Rob’s dependable nature isn’t just limited to his career background. As a devoted father, Rob encourages his children to be the very best they can be and provides the guidance that will help them make the most of their future.


 As Good As Gold

 When it came time to focus on a career, it was a natural decision for Rob to put his Golden Rule philosophy into play and give people the insight and dependability they want and deserve for one of life’s biggest investments. That’s why more and more people are turning to Rob as their personal advisor when they’re ready to make one of the most valuable investments of their life, buying or selling a home. As one of the area’s leading real estate agents, Rob provides people with the savvy business expertise and extra attention they need to make their move a rewarding experience. For Rob, it’s all about giving people the advice he would want for himself and his own family.


 A Game Plan For Success

 As a native Houstonian, Rob prides himself on being able to provide buyers the local insight that will help them find the right match for their lifestyle and budget. Rob also believes in keeping current on the latest technology and online resources that give sellers a decisive advantage in marketing their home to a wide array of potential buyers. Combine that with Rob’s industry knowledge and detail-oriented approach and you’ve got a game plan for your move that’s truly a slam-dunk.


If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, there’s no substitute for high standards and a professional who takes a genuine interest in your success. With Rob Rule you can expect just that. It’s no wonder people know Rob as The Golden Rule of Real Estate. Call him today for a free consultation.